I’m sure you have heard sayings that go something like, “We must first fill our own cup before we can take care of anyone else.” 

Has anyone asked you if your cup is running a little low lately? 

I’m Cherrelle, a therapist – and your new friend - here to help you. Let’s talk about mental health over some Juice! 

Have you been pouring so much of yourself into your work, family, and friends that you’ve neglected taking care of yourself? Perhaps you haven’t even taken the time to notice you’re running a little low or that you have nothing left to give. How much can you really give to others when you’re, well… empty?


Perhaps it’s time you pour some of that

Joy, Understanding, Intimacy, Compassion and Empathy into yourself.   

Therapy Juice Bar is your virtual self- care lounge full of high vibrations and healthy conversations surrounding all things mental health – a place where you can always fill your cup. And here, refills are free.