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Hey, Wild Spirits! My name is Cherrelle

Hey, Wild Spirits! My name is Cherrelle, but I'm affectionately known as “Juice” - hence the name of my brand “Therapy Juice Bar” and podcast, “No Tea, Just Juice.” I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Board Approved Clinical Supervisor in the states of Mississippi, Arkansas and Alabama. Honestly, I'm a just a wild spirit that enjoys helping people show up for themselves in some of the most magical ways. I love music, traveling, and coloring outside the lines in life. I’m all about catching a vibe! 


Growing up in a small town, mental health services were not readily available. Even if they were, the thought of airing out my personal business to a complete stranger was absolutely off the table. Mental health is a topic that we've been taught to sweep under the rug or ignore altogether. But that emotional hiding comes at a great cost - for me, it was extreme anxiety in my early twenties.  


Unfortunately, this mentality also prevents people (myself included for a long time) from getting the help and support they deserve. This made me realize I wanted to dedicate my life to helping others feel less alone, - and now I’ve expanded my career and my voice to reach people just like you. 

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Normalizing conversations around mental health helps to spread awareness of many social determinants of health, fight stigma, and increase the utilization of mental health services and resources - and above all, to impact people suffering from these issues themselves. I believe if we lean into our commonality of human emotions and make room to share our experiences openly, we can heal ourselves and inspire others to do the same. 


Since receiving my Bachelor of Social Work Degree from Delta State University and my Master of Social Work Degree from the University of Southern Mississippi, I have dedicated the past 13 years to the betterment of the people I serve.  

I cannot wait to connect with you more about mental health.


Learn more about my Projects and Services.

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