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The Juice Shop

Welcome to The Juice Shop where 10% of all proceeds go to Free ReFeelz  

What is Free ReFeelz?

Free ReFeelz is a donation-based therapy fund we've launched to help those on their healing journey, receive psychotherapy services from Therapy Juice Bar at no or low cost.

We currently offer other financial assistance resources such as a sliding scale payment system and special rates for single mothers and college students. But the Free ReFeelz therapy fund is for anyone in need and has no limits. With this special fund, we want to remove some of the financial burdens for our clients by partially or fully covering a few sessions.


10% of sales go directly to our therapy fund. Another way to support is by donating directly to Free ReFeelz using the donation box below.


Thanks in advance for all your support, and if you have any questions about the fund, feel free to contact us at


Free ReFeelz

Help us support our current & future clients with session costs


Thank you for your donation!

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