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 Want to know why we love journaling for self-care? Because, frankly, it does what nail appointments, getaways, and bubble baths do not. Self-care isn’t about spending money on yourself or treating yourself to whatever you want. Instead, self-care is the practice of taking the time to pour back into yourself, and journaling is a simple, cost-effective way to do so! 

We believe in the effectiveness and power of journaling so much that we created the My Daily Dose of Juice Journal. This journal is filled with affirmations and prompts to inspire Joy, Understanding, Intimacy, Compassion, and Empathy, aka JUICE!  You can take this journal with you anywhere and keep it on your phone, computer, or tablet for easy access. My Daily Dose of Juice Journal was made with the wild spirit in mind, so I hope you’re all as excited about this customizable journal as I am! 


Please note that the My Daily Dose of Juice Journal offered by Therapy Juice Bar is intended to aid you on your healing journey but is not a substitute/replacement for visiting and developing a relationship with a licensed therapist.

My Daily Dose of Juice Digital Journal

    • Colors may vary slightly depending on your monitor, screen, and printer (yes, you can print your journal).
    • Digital products work best and are compatible with apps that support PDF annotation such as GoodNotes, Xodo, Noteshelf, PDF Filler, Notability, etc. Some oapps are free such as Xodo while others require a one-time payment. Apps can be purchased from your device's app store and not apart of this purchase.
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