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Vibe with Juice



Care to journey with me for a moment?

What is your favorite way to unwind? Personally, after a long day, I find refuge in the melodic tunes of Anita Baker, Erykah Badu, Teddy Pendergrass & many other greats of the sort. Strange how the moment I press "play" I'm instantly whisked into a world of my own making, thus rescued from the woes of adulting.  Honestly, it does not matter if my day was long or short, if I am at work or in the car, I guarantee you that music will be playing somewhere in the background to, you know, complement the vibe.

You may be fortunate (yes, fortunate) enough to remember the era of burning CDs on a desktop computer using software like LimeWire or Napster.  You see, back then we had to be intentional about what music we wanted to listen to and the occasion for which the cd was to be played. I remember having a cd book filled with mixes for friends, baes and even ones for vacation time. We had CD mixes for EVERYTHING! Wedding mixes, breakup mixes and yes, love making mixes, all etched with some creative title. I would carefully select the songs for my mix and wait patiently as they were then added to the CD.  I would sit there, sharpie in hand, waiting to write the name of my latest creation on the CD as SOON as it popped out of the computer. We got creative with the names, didn’t we?  I had this one CD comprised of my favorite “grown folks music” from the 90s called “Slow but 4sho”. It was a good one too. What an era, right?

Fully aware that I'm dating myself here, I am old enough to have witnessed the evolution of this process transition from cassette tapes to CDs to MP3 players, to now, cellphones.  Technology may have made this process more “convenient” but over the years we have lost the effort, intention and enjoyment that accompanied curating custom mixes.  To some it may seem antiquated, like writing letters, but why don’t people write letters anymore? Letter writing is…romantic. Sigh, the lover in me misses the days of intentional romance, but perhaps that conversation is best saved for another time.

I have always enjoyed creating playlists to accommodate my emotions that admittedly, fluctuate more than I would like. Heavy on the Pisces energy over here. Whether I am in a state of heartbreak or infatuation, be the occasion joyful or melancholic, one thing is for certain, there is a playlist for that. As a Piscean, I live with one foot in reality, and the other in a daydream.  I like to think of my life as a movie and my playlists are the soundtracks to whatever version of me exists at that moment, an ever changing score. As an 80’s baby and early millennial I am rather partial to a certain, eh, sound.  I will be the first to admit that I can be quite biased to what I believe is “good music” which has resulted in me having the same selection of songs by the same selection of artists, on repeat for nearly 2 decades. This is true; however, it is also true that I am a connoisseur of vibes and thus am on a never-ending hunt for new sounds.

I would like to think that I can put you on to a few hidden gems. Respectfully.

In this space, I plan to share my current rotations as well as custom playlists to support the content I create.  It is, by all accounts, a labor of love. Check back for updates and until then...

Stay Wild,


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