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Updated: Aug 14, 2020

How do you speak to yourself in the mornings when you're preparing for your day? Have you ever paid attention to the language you use and the messages you tell yourself when you're getting ready to go to work?

Last week on the No Tea, Just Juice Podcast we talked about toxic work environments and the effects these environments can have on us. Check it out here. Many times working in such settings can leave us feeling discouraged and disempowered.

If this is your reality then you may wake up with a deep dread in anticipation of the day ahead. If you wake up with anxiety because you don't want to go to work, it's important that you monitor your self talk.

I've written what I've dubbed "career-firmations". Designed to help you manifest happiness in the workplace AND/OR in your career.

Simply pick one, some, or all to recite every morning (evening or night) before work. Hey, you can even write your own!

  1. "I get to go to work today, I'm thankful"

  2. "I am valuable and an asset to any employer"

  3. "My work allows me to contribute to the happiness of others"

  4. "I deserve to earn BEYOND a livable wage"

  5. "I deserve o work in an environment free of drama, hostility, and abuse"

  6. "I effectively communicate with those that I work with"

  7. "I always advocate for my needs"

  8. "I allow myself to have difficult conversations when necessary"

  9. "I am qualified for the promotion and position I am seeking"

  10. "I strive to make each day, a productive day"

  11. "Productivity does not measure my worth as an employee or an individual"

  12. "My worth is not validated through others' perception of my work"

  13. "I am employable"

  14. "I am open to receiving constructive criticism"

  15. "I openly receive any feedback that aids in my professional growth and elevation"

  16. "I deserve to feel safe and secure in my employment"

  17. "I am deserving of compensation that adequately reflects my education, experience and skill set"

  18. "I enjoy meaningful conversations with my coworkers, especially those that aid in my professional development"

  19. "I promote healthy professional relationships"

  20. "I honor a healthy balance between work and home life"

  21. "I always do my best; my personal best may look differently each day and I am okay with that"

  22. I prevent burn-out by honoring regular periods of rest."

After a while you will notice change in your attitude, perspective, maybe even work environment.

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