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And One to Grow On...

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

little girl blowing out birthday candles
A little 3 year old Juice

Care to journey with me for a minute?

Last month was pivotal in my growth for many reasons. I turned 35, and while I'd like to report that there was some profound revelation of the meaning of life marked by a sudden spiritual ascension, that wasn't the case. I did however learn (or I guess re-learn) the importance of celebrating myself, not just on my birthday but with every passing moment as the uncertainty of most things, especially life grows more evident. Last year, my gift to myself wasn't an expensive party (although the turn up was real) or a material splurge, but rather to show up for myself in a major way by launching a brand that had been birthed in 2019. As someone who has played it safe for most of my life, I found stepping outside the security of my comfort zone and using my voice was (and still is) as frightening as it was necessary.


Outside of needing a creative outlet and wanting to promote positive conversations around mental health, I had no clear vision of what I would be doing or where it would lead me. While determined to preserve, I wasn't entirely certain if I would have any interest in creating content beyond a few months. Between my short attention span and fickleness with "hobbies", it wouldn't have been a surprise to anyone in my inner circle if they heard no mention of Therapy Juice Bar, beyond last summer. Yet here we are one year later with my brand flourishing, growing and voice having reached listeners in over 21 countries AND COUNTING.

In this past year, here is what I’ve come to know:

  • For most of us, the decision to be brave with our lives is not a singular one. It is one that we'll have to make as many times as we find it necessary. For me, this is a daily choice.

  • "Showing up authentically" sounds far more attractive than it feels. It's actually quite frightening.

  • Everyone (and I do mean everyone) has something valuable to offer and deserves to hear their voice projected across a room, even if it shakes.

  • I am worthy. Period.

  • Words to live by: “Always have the courage to trust love one more time, and always one more time”. – Maya Angelou

Finally, always, and I do mean ALWAYS express gratitude. While there is always work to be done, more to be obtained, things to learn and re-learn, in this moment, I’m reminded of how far I’ve come. In this moment, I’m choosing a spirit of joy and for that, my heart is full. Thank you for listening, reading, sharing and indulging in all that is JUICE. I am grateful for you.


What is one thing you've learned, experienced, committed to or even manifested over this past year? What truths or not so truths have you've discovered? Do tell in the comments below.

To hear me talk more about my journey over the past year, click here to listen to "The Twins Turned 1" on No Tea, Just Juice.

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